CEM Machine’s Signature Wood Chipper - The Ultra Chip™

At CEM, we will design and produce your UltraChip™ Chipper to your exact requirements, making sure that you have everything you need in a chipper, and nothing you don't. We take pride in providing our customers with the finest chipper technology available.

CEM Machine Ultra Chip
CEM Machine Ultra Chip
CEM Machine Ultra Chip


  • Our 112” model is capable of chipping over 300 tons/hour (270 tonnes) (hardwood) into 19 mm (3/4”) length chips
  • As rugged, durable and maintenance-free as possible
  • SimpleSet™ Chipper Disc Axial Adjustment system
  • ChipGuard™ operator protection for knife changes
  • Patented Jam Clearing Systems with LogLifter™ and ChuteGate™ for gravity feed chippers
  • Heavy duty, oversized, Gravity and/or Horizontal Feed Spout(s)
  • Chromium Carbide clad casing available
  • Reliable chain-driven hood rollout or swing away system
  • Two piece knives for easier handling -Lite Knives™ also available
  • Counterknife systems available for improved chipping - Ask us about our serrated Nasty Knives™!
  • Hardcoated ‘Norman’ helical face plates and block-type bedknife
  • Integral Sliver Trimmer/Bedknife on SUS models
  • Axially adjustable ‘held’ bearing for quick & easy adjustments of chipper knives to the bedknife, overload relief (“shear pin”) when chipping non-wood materials
  • Hydraulic Assisted Bedknife Removal
  • Solid stainless steel pins on card breakers
  • Powered disc turning, braking, belt tensioning, feed chute cover opening & hood opening
  • Safety Interlocks
  • A variety of power sources (including diesel and electric both asynchronous and synchronous motors) and transmissions, from a 1000 Hp Diesel engine with speed variation capability (+5%/-25%) to ‘quad’ 800 Hp squirrel cage drive through a gearbox to a 4000 HP synchronous motor with constant low speed
Also available is our Patented Wood MicroChip Processor, capable of producing optimal cellulose feed stocks (homogeneous “micro” wood chips – ¼” to 3/8” (6-10 mm) nominal length) for a variety of biomass processes